Hi, I'm Lisa Moynihan

Welcome to my website. My name is Lisa Moynihan. I'm an artist from Cork city. I believe art has the power to heal and uplift artists and viewers alike. Follow me on my personal development and artistic journey, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my journey or my art.

About the Artist


My body of work is a reflection of my emotional and spiritual healing journey. Since I started this deep dive, I have also been pursuing art full-time.I am a native of Cork City, I currently live in the Shandon area with my husband and daughter. I am a self-taught artist. My late grandfather, Nassio Bayarri, was a renowned sculptor from Valencia, Spain. His father was also an artist - it is in my blood.My most treasured memories are of creating art as a small child. Whenever I drew or painted, I felt joyful and at peace. From a young age, I realized that art could connect people and move them on an emotional level, which was a compelling thing to witness.Since working more abstractly, I am finding this to be a more liberating and transformative experience. I believe that art has the power to heal and uplift both creator and viewer – this is what I strive to achieve in my work.Read my full story in Wow Magazine-
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Artist Statement

I am a mixed-media painter, and my current work came into being nearly three years ago during the pandemic. During this period I had time to reflect on my emotional and spiritual well-being.My body of work reflects the healing side of my emotional growth, and the way I work has become a type of personal ritual. I am intentional about using a bright and vivid palette as a reminder that there is colour and life in all of us. I am inspired by nature, natural sources are healing, and I like to bring this out in my work.I like to apply modeling paste and paint liberally to create texture. The texture is an important element in my work as it symbolizes the ups and downs of life. I use paper that I have scribbled on and torn up as a collage.I find that there is something therapeutic about tearing something old and creating something new. I approach each new painting intuitively. The arrangement can at times resemble something from nature, such as fire, trees, leaves, water, and plants depending on where I am in the moment; the arrangement can also be chaotic - this speaks of my own healing journey. Through my work, I want to convey the importance of self-reflection and self-recovery. It's not an easy journey but one that is so worthwhile.